my first anivesary this year

A week ago (2nd January to be exact) was my 1st year as an educator. Well bear in my that I still have another 32 years of service to serve the community as an educator and I can say that this 1 year I had gone through is just a small steps that I had gone through.Well, although it is just a year, I'd gone through many interesting experience, doesn't matter +
either it was a good experiece or bad experience. The most important thing is I got the experience that I feel that some of my experience is quite nice to blog about it. :P

Lets start with common perceptions (or perhaps descriptions) that the public use to say about teacher. 1st perception I use to hear from my friend. "Best la ko jadi cikgu, gaji besar and stay di ulu, ada elaun susah ni mesti banyak duit nih." Well I do agree 90% with the statement. However this sort of "big amount of money" is just a compensation for some sacrification of the teachers. For example, a degree teacher who teach in remote area is not expected to stay in nice house. Some of the teacher leaved in a wooden quarters just like squatters some time. Plus in order to go to the school some teachers have to spend hours in a long bot or in a four wheel drive passing through the logging road. Well like I mentioned earlier this sort of "big allowance" is actually a motivation for the teachers to keep on serving the community out there.

Well just forget the the salary or responsiblities issues coz I believe every teachers have their own perspectives about that matters. As for me I would like to share what I've seen through my eyes as being a teacher. I can say that I've been given the opportunitty by the Almighty to witness the mystery of human liffe daily. How I can see his beautiful creation , that are the childreen from being a very small kids growing up beautifully without I noticed it quite much. Just imagine few of my pupils can grow up to few centimetres without I myself really noticed about it. In the same time, these children were as if a mirror image of me being a children once upon time. How naughty they were, how playful they were is just the same like us once we were still kids. Thats why every darnest things that they say or do if I found it interesting I will take the oppurtinity to blog it out so that one day when I'm not anymore in that area or when I'm no more in the servicice (another 33 years ya) it will become the evidence or history that I have witness the incidents and being part of a series of wonderful complex human life........

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