MY 2010 RESOLUTION... 10 things I want to do and achieve...

Happy New Year 2010 to all my blog readers. Semoga 2010 will be another promising year to you all who wish to be cemerlang gemilang and terbilang. Well compare few years back, I never plan to make new resolution coz I dont have major things to achieve. But now as age is getting more older and older best juga buat azam tahun baru... jom lets check it out apa 10 Things I Want To Do in 2010. Hell Yeah

  1. To become a better teacher in 2009
  2. To save huge amount of money
  3. To become finacially litterate. (Celik Kewangan sangat penting coz dengan itu risiko pokai, overspend, salah labur duit dapat dikurangkan)
  4. To be more creative and productive in writing (tak kira blog and so on)
  5. To reduce weight. (hahaha ini mustahil sikit as I am a good eater)
  6. To be more critical and sharp in thinking, giving opinion or mengkritik
  7. To be more holistic this year. (belajar pasal agama ka, mengaji alkitab ka)
  8. Able to read more than 3 books a year..
  9. Able to read more ilmiah books
  10. Menjadi insan yang disayangi oleh tuhan, mak bapak, fam, kawan, bos, murid, serta insan-insan yang tersayang....
Dapatkah gue mencapainya? Yakin Boleh! Hup2x Huooray!

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