Me, Myself and The English Teacher

Last week, pada 28/7, gue telah menghadiri bengkel Perkongsian Amalan Terbaik (PAT) for "Cigku" English yang mengajar tahun 6 UPSR. Bengkel ni kiranya very useful to me as an English Teacher because pada masa ini suma cikgu2x BI tahun 6 dari sekolah2x di Kanowit tak kira muda, tua, rookie mahupun otai berkumpul bersama-sama berkongsi pengalaman cara mengajar murid especially yang slow learner. Pada masa yang sama in da workshop diajarkan juga bengkel membina kertas ujian. Dengan kata lain, takla terlalu bergantung sangat dengan buku-buku ujian topikal yang bertaburan di kedai2x buku seperti di Popular mahupun MPH.

Abis bengkel, time driving back to Sibu, suddenly I teringat something. Orang tua selalu berpesan, kalau tak suka sesuatu tu janganlah sampai over sangat sebab mungkin benda yang kita tak suka tu akan menjadi sebahagian daripada hidup kita. Bila melihat sekarang ini I'm an English teacher, kiranya gue bersetuju sangat lah dengan kata orang tua-tua ini.

Back in IPTAR, I totally disliked my minor subject, English because I was not so good in language. It is doesn't mean that I'm weak in the subject, just that I don't have the passion to teach language subject. To me, in order to teach language subjects, it actually requires a person who are very patient and also lots of passion, as we have to introuce new languange to the young kids. Even those who are very fluent in English will not able to teach the language effectively and meaningfully if he/she don't have these two criteria.

Well when I've been posted to my current school, I didn't have much choices to teach other subjects. So I had to teach English subject. Since I teach English from Primary 1 till Primary 6, automatically I've become the Guru Panitia. Well based on the pupils nature of surrounding, it is quite a challenging task for me to teach English. Well when your school in the rural area, you can't expect them to speak English all the time compare with the kids in the big town.

Therefore when I took the challenge to teach this subject, I had to prepare myself mentally. Have to be patient a lot. After that I try to make the subject not tough and strict subject as the pupils always imagine. I try to teach the language just like we teach young kids (mostly our our kids for those who have kids) how to speak. Right now most of my pupils were able to say simple particulars about themselves (where they live, what's their ambition etc)

As a conclusion, after 7 months teaching English, I can say that it was both interesting and challenging experience. I admit it quite stressful sometimes especially when the kids did not able to "digest" certain language skill such as writing. However it doesnt mean that we as the teachers can give up easily since we all have taken the oath to teach the pupils fair and with all of our hearts. Of course the pressure is there but I do believe in myself after time goes by with a lot of readings and experience hopefully I will able to teach the pupils better. God Will


I want to teach my students
more than lessons in a book
I want to teach them deeper things
that people overlook
The value of a rose in bloom,
its use and beauty, too
A sense of curiosity
to discover what is true
How to think and how to choose
the right above the wrong
How to live and learn each day
and grow up to be strong

To teach them always how to gain
in wisdom and in grace
So they will someday make the world
a brighter, better place
Lord, let me be a friend and guide
to give these minds a start
Upon their way down life’s long road
Then I’ll have done my part

2 Response to "Me, Myself and The English Teacher"

  1. Bxnjamin says:
    August 5, 2009 at 9:40 AM

    A very interesting piece. Haha. I'm an English teacher as well, so I can relate to your feelings/experience. Btw I guess we are of the same KPLI batch, albeit different maktab.

  2. Cikgoo Jasz says:
    August 8, 2009 at 9:35 AM

    Yeah hahaha. Anyway thanks for visiting my blog.

    yeah I'm in Iptar while u in IPS i guess