MJ Mania

MJ might been dead but his music legacy will live on and I felt that the statement was quite true. Last week I went back to Sibu because I had a meeting at the Education office at Kanowit. So during the whole weekend, I kept on listening to MJ's music or watching MJ's mtv where ever I passed the shopping complex or pirated DVD booths.

So I decided to grab a few DVDs of MJ's Concert (most of them were HIstory concert) and well, what can I say, He's damn good! From the beginning of the show until to its end his showmanship momentum doesn't seem to slow down. In other words, it is worth to pay high ticket price for his concert. I watched 3 of his History Concert Tour (Live in KL, Live in Brunei and Live in New York) and I found that the flow of his showmanship in the concert were the same and totally awsome. (Mcm tgk Broadway show sahaja)

Well no doubt that he is realy the KIng of Pop! Here are the dance move that makes him damn famous!

The MoonWalk

His First MoonWalk

MJ Malaysia

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