Malaysia Cup 2011

This posting is written in conjunction of the Malaysia Cup season, which will kick off today.

Allow me to start this posting my showing u a classic Malaysia Cup match video involving the Bujang Senang team. It was a Malaysia Cup 93 Semifinal match between Singapore and Sarawak at the State Stadium

This video had a sentimental value to me because I was part of the spectators. During that time, it was the second time for the team to qualify in the semi final after they did it in 1988. I was nine that time and my cousin and I went to the stadium as early as 6 pm. During that time, the match started at 830 pm. The response towards the match was overwhelming because Singapore was a national team and had great players such as Abbas Saad and Alistair Edwards. At the Sarawak side, the crowd expected them to win the match as they managed to get 2nd or 3rd in the Division Semi Pro ( equivalent to present Super League). Plus, the team attacking front lead by John Hunter were on top form. Oh yes the current Malaysia Olympic Team coach, Ong Kim Swee was the midfielder for Sarawak.

It was raining the whole day prior to the match. We had to wait for about 10 minutes inside the stadium before the rain stopped from pouring heavily. Yet, it still raining. Singapore really conquer the match through massive attacking by its Australian duo and Sarawak paid the price when the Lions led by 2 goal. Luckily the team managed to equalize when john hunter score both crucial goals through heading and the another one through the keepers mistakes. Thats y i really miss John Hunter coz he got the ability to score during crucial moment. Though he didnt have the body of a football player ( more to rugby player or wrestler), yet he always score important goals. Miss him. ho3x.

By the way, Malaysia Cup has its own speciality because this match sometime involves the state dignity or even national intregeration. Back in 89 after the Merdeka Stadium fiasco incident, the relationship between the state government and the federal government was at stake.

Before a match, we can easily found provocation statements in the local newspapers, either by the team coach or the manager, just like MU manager did to Arsenal and Chelsea or between Barca manager and Real Madrid coach these days. Some coaches even send "special agent" to spy the opponent team game.

For this year Malaysia Cup competition, the Sarawak team is grouped along defending champions, Kelantan team aka the Red Warriors and their first match is in Kuching. Based on the news that i read about the Sarawak team in these few weeks I don`t expect the team to win the match but I do expect them to give the Kelantan team a "bloody nose" match!

Encang Sarawak EncANG!

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