My 100th Posting

Well, finally I've managed to publish my 100th posting in this blog. It took almost two years for the blog to reach its 100th post. Well I'm happy with it coz I had the opportunity to document interesting moments in my career as an educator and also some fond memories from the past.

I started blogging since my second year in the university. At that time I blogged on friendster blog and the stuff that I blogged was basically about my campus life, my hope in the future, my perception about life and so on. Biasa-biasa sja.. When I read back all the stuff that I wrote, I feel that I'm quite lucky to achieve some of the things that I wish to achieve before by just writing in on the blog.

For example, when I was in UMS, I wrote something sounds like this, "When I started working, I wish that my jobs allows me to travel a lot and yes my first job enabled me to travel most of the part of Sarawak including the Kelabit highland. The other one that I posted was a post about my dream to become a teacher and hey this is my career now.

However, after three years with friendster's blog, I decided to start a new blog which is the present blog because I found that friendster's blog limitation such as it was not so user friendly which not easy to embed videos and at the same time it didn't support some html codes for some widgets. At the same time, after I managed to enter education field through KPLI, I wanted to sort of "documenting" my journey in education from being a trainee teacher until I got retired (seems too ambitious hehehe). I just wanted to see how far I went to through in my career.

And walllllla in 2008 this blog was created. In this blog, I try my best to share interesting stories, events, moments that I gone thru' by depicting it in a SCRUBS point of view. If you ever watch the show you will see how JD sees his daily routine as a doctor in a humour way. After all , life as a teacher doesn't mean that you have to be "schematic" all the time ? hehehe.

Therefore for those who follow my humble blog and even give comments to my posting especially Mr. Yazid kerana menjadi pengomen aktif blog ku ini a trillion thank you(s) to all of you. In conjunction of the 100th posting, I decided to give this blog a new look. hehehehehe

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