Legendary NAbau

Few days before I went back to Kuching for the school holiday, after the Tahun 5 finished doing their mid-sem exam BI paper, I managed to have a chit-chat with my pupils while waiting for the bell to ring. Chit chat punya chit chat I gave them a piece of advice for them try to open and do some revision eventhough that is a school holiday. I also advised them not to play near the river as the river got "Abang BU".

THough the river got "Abang BU' but my main concern is the water current of the Rajang River. I did heard from the villagers that the river had claim many lives of the villagers and most of them were kids. Since there are many fishes (mostly big size) such as ikan baung and the busyness of that place I guess the possibilty is slim but still its better to be safe than sorry. Then one of my pupils suddenly said, "Cikgu, tempat ditok bisik Nabau" which means (this place got Nabau). Nabau? If I'm not mistaken it was a legendary giant snake which is sacred to the Iban people which my Iban's friend used to tell me back in MRSM Kuching those days while I still a schoolboy. According them, it is a super long snake with a diameter as big as "oil drum". Besides that the serpent also have horns on its head, a sign that the snake is very oldBack then that time I treat that story as an interesting legendary to be heard and I quite surprise to hear the same story being told to me again by my pupils.

Then I ask my pupils where did they get the story, and my pupils reply that they heard from their fathers especialy those who worked at the logging camp not far from my area. "Tapi itu dulu2x cigku, Diaorang cuma dapat potong ekor saja", one my pupils reply. I just nodded my head smiling. When I returned back to Kuching, I'm quite surprise to hear that my relatives keep on asking me either I knew the rumours of my Nabau. So I did some "googling" activity finding infos about Nabau. So I got few interesting infos from few site.

This one is from www.thebrokenshield.com :

"According to Iban legend, Nabau is a giant snake comparable to the size of a drum and is more than 100 feet in length. The recent sighting of Nabau cruising along the Baleh River in Kapit has some resemblance to the ‘Loch Ness’ monster known as Nessie in Scotland. Judging by the photographs taken of Nabau, could the two animals of a similar breed?

Before going into the Nabau story, let me give the readers some information on the Loch Ness monster. It was first sighted by St. Columba in 565AD when he and his followers crossed the loch (lake) and since then it has been sighted now and then. The last sighting was reported on 17 June 1998. Many have described it just like a log, then up-turned boat or a large object with long tail.

On 30 November 1989, George Edwards discovered what looked like the hiding place of the monster in a depth of 812 feet of the loch. So many people including scientists have conducted a search for the elusive monster. One American, Robert Rines, now aged 85, has spent 37 years searching for the animal.

Now back to our Nabau, a member of the disaster relief committee, Sibu on 31 January 2009 was monitoring the flood situation in Ulu Rajang in a helicopter when he saw a monster that looked like a big snake cruising along the river. He took photographs of the monster at 5.30 pm at one of the Sungai Baleh tributaries from the helicopter.

According to Chuat Radin, the monster was Nabau, a python-type of snake, a much bigger in size and much longer in length. Among the Iban folk tales, super Nabau is like a “petara” (god) which has super natural powers. Seeing it alone will bring luck to the man. Its scales used by Iban as “pangkor” which give super strength, someone like the incredible Hulk.

Nabau has also been seen at Stambak Ulu and Ili in Betong and else where in Sarawak. In Africa and Sri Lanka this type of snake is known as ‘anaconda’.

There were tales among the Ibans in Kapit that when Temenggong Koh, Datuk Kenneth Kanyan’s father passed away in 1950s, he became a Nabau and used to appear in dreams. Koh was one of the pioneering Ibans who migrated to Entawau during the Brooke regime. As he was knowledgeable in Iban Adat and had the respect of the Brooke regime, he was made a Temenggong, the paramount chief of the Ibans.

But does Nabau really exist in Sarawak? And is the one seen at Sungai Baleh a Nabau or not?

Thus search and research should be conducted now by individuals or by those in authority such as the Sarawak Museum and the Ministry of Tourism to determine the existence of this huge creature.

Like in Scotland, where once a year Nessie festival is being organised, the authority in Kapit perhaps can organise such a festival. For what you know, the Nabau story can now become the star attraction as well as bringing more luck to Kapit such as in the form of development and road construction which the people have been asking for in the past 45 years. "

These two pictures are widely circulated in the net which then create some "havoc" for a while. However i guess both of these pictures are fake coz I managed to find the site that were able to proof that the pictures were fake. Check here

Whatever it is, I can be considered as great legendary been told from time to time. If Nabau is real, just considered it as god creation and a type of serpent that has not been documented yet. However I guest if Nabau been documented (dijumpai in Sarawak first) I guest mcm ini dia punya taksonomi, based on anaconda punya pentaksonomian

Kingdom : Animalia
Phylum : Chordata
Subphylum: Vertebrata
Class : Reptilia
Order : Squamata
Suborder : Serpentes
Family : Boidae
Subfamily: Boinae
Genus : Eunectes
Species : sarawakiensis or nabau

Hmmm, Eunectes sarawakiensis or Eunectes nabau. Mana satu best?

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