Praktikum Jurnal

Without I realised, I've gone into teaching practical for almost 3 weeks. Well, too many new experiences that I've gained inside and outside the school. For example now I noticed that I'm a strict type of teacher when the kids doing something wrong. I can become a monster too especially when the kids disturbing or slapping their friends but don't want to admit it. I guess I'm trying too hard on instilling friendship and moral values. But that was the first 2 weeks punya story. The pupils now seem to get used to my style and 3/4 of them able to behave well. I also felt a little bit happy with some of the boys and girls who were now have the guts to read aloud or some of them who get too used to their mother tongue language now have the guts to speak English though maybe just by following me reading. At least they all open their mouth to speak. :P

Now is the observation week where lecturers from the college coming to observe us. I guess that the most challenging moment as the way we teach may not suitable in their eyes. Plus class controlling during the observation plays the vital role also. My colleague who been observed by the lecturer had been commented by the lecturer for not able to control the class well.

Ho3x. But I guess I must able to read the kids mind strategy. I bet the my colleague been attack by the kid's "Guerilla tactic". Before this they behave well in the class, but when the lecturer's came, suddenly they as if they knew that the lecturer was their "teacher's teacher." Its pay back time. Well kids nowdays are different during my time. It can't be helped. Perhaps kids during our parents or grandparents time are also different from our chidhood time. Now they knew that trainee teacher is not a really real teacher. During my time, everyone who came to the class and teach is called a teacher. But again its up to me to deal with it. hahahaha. Now I'm focussing on how to become the second "GREAT TEACHER ONIZUKA" but in my own way. Sounds too radical but I guess I can achieved it. Perhaps after I've become a real teacher cause as a trainee teacher there are certain limitation that forbid me to do some nice work. Bak kata orang, sik boleh lebih gilak. hahaha. apapun steady aku!

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